Thanks to various translation and language revision jobs, I have been able to gain hands-on experience in several fields of expertise. Due to my educational background in translation I become quickly acquainted with new fields of expertise and am able to appropriate the required expert knowledge by doing extensive research.

A free sample translation of up to 200 words will convince you of my high quality work.

As a publicly appointed and sworn translator for English and Spanish before the Oberlandesgericht (court of appeal) in Dresden I also offer certified translations.

For subtitles and voice-over scripts I use the subtitling software EZTitles.


You can also entrust me with proofreading and editing of German texts.

A proofread text is flawless in terms of spelling, grammar and punctuation, whereas an edited text has also been checked for correctness in terms of language and style as well as uniformity of spelling and terminology and at the same time optimised in terms of linguistic style and logic of the text.

By request I also edit translations, which means that I check the translated text for potential translation errors.


Another service I offer is the transcription of German texts in written or spoken form to the desired format (e.g. Word or Excel). Transcription work might be necessary for a survey whose answers need to be pooled in order to analyse it. Or you might need an audio file (e.g. an interview or a speech) in text format because you want to have it translated to another language.