The rate for translations is determined by several factors, such as level of difficulty, urgency and volume of the project.

A technical translation requires more research than a general text; a rough information intended for internal use requires less polishing than an instruction manual to be published; and certain file formats are more time-consuming to work with than others.

I will gladly send you a tentative offer. My standard rate is EUR 0.15 per word in the source text or EUR 1.40 per standard line (at 55 spaces).

I charge a certification fee of EUR 7.50 per document for certified translations.

Proofreading/Editing/Translation editing

For all these services I charge an hourly rate of EUR 40.00.


An hourly rate of EUR 40.00 will be charged for the transcription of written texts, whereas I apply a rate of EUR 3.00 per recording hour for audio files.

Urgent translations

Sometimes a translation is needed urgently. Therefore I work on weekends and overnight if required. Urgent translations will be completed at an additional charge of 25% for express service.

Minimum charge

Smaller jobs will be charged at a minimum rate of EUR 45.00.

Payment terms

You will receive an invoice which must be paid within 14 days from date of invoice. I prefer payment by bank transfer. However, for clients residing outside of the EU I also accept payment by MoneyBookers or PayPal. If the invoice amount exceeds EUR 800.00, a check will be accepted in exceptional cases.